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Buy Kiva Mini Chocolate Bars Online: Long-lasting, clear, uplifting cerebral high that eventually evolves into a more relaxed feeling.

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Buy Kiva Mini Chocolate Bars Online – The clean, bright aroma of fresh tangerines compliments the earthy characteristics of cannabis and brings out a zing in our dark chocolate with a zesty tang and creamy body, Tangerine flavor strikes a tasty balance between citrus and chocolate. Blue Dream has two top-rated parents in Blueberry and Super Silver Haze. This Californian weed strain is 70% sativa which produces high THC levels in under 10 weeks of flowering.

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Blue Dream is a highly-rated US cannabis variety. It has great hybrid vigor and is a very strong and stable plant. It tends to stretch quite a lot during flowering and so indoor growers are encouraged to veg. for a short time only in order to keep it well under control. Outdoors it can reach a height of up to 4 meters! Indoor-grown plants will yield between 350 – 500 gr/m2 in 65 – 70 days while outdoors is where the real action takes place; individual plants can yield between 2 and 3 kilos each for mid-October harvests in northern latitudes! Leaves and buds will turn blue especially where the night-time temperature drops by 10°C.

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The buds of this plant are long, rock hard and have a very thick covering of resin. The aroma produced is of spicy Haze, citrus fruits and cedar wood. Its flavour is intensely of lemon with notes of pine, incense, sweet fruits and Haze. THC level is 19% with 0.1% CBD. The effect is something else a very powerful, long-lasting, clear, uplifting cerebral high that eventually evolves into a more relaxed feeling. A truly great connoisseur marijuana strain.

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This includes the delivery process. Everything was simple and straightforward. This strain has showed some serious resilience compared to a few other mediocre genetics i have going. Through my own mistake of over watering (everybody does it), a few of my girls are showing some signs of distress. Not the HOS Blue Dream, she is making me consider just letting her take up the space in the tent and having the other weaker plants pulled. Buy Kiva Mini Chocolate Bars Online

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